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"Brook has the unique ability to combine her personal passion for the outdoors with her incredibly strong work ethic.  As a result, she provides passionate leadership and consistent results that make a difference for the outdoor industry."

-Todd Spaletto, President Americas,

The North Face

"Brook Hopper embodies a rare blend of marketing and partnership know-how with a passion for making positive change in the world. Her commitment shines through in everything she does."

-John Sterling, Executive Director,

The Conservation Alliance

"As a champion of children and nature, Brook Hopper is tireless, deeply committed and highly effective. She is one of those rare people who is both dynamic and gentle, brave and humble. I've worked with Brook for several years — which has always been a joy — and I have seen her leadership skills in action. Brook lives her brand." -Richard Louv, author of national bestseller Last Child in the Woods, & Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of The Children & Nature Network

"I have worked with and been friends with Brook for nearly 10 years.  It is rare to meet someone that has as clear a vision as Brook does – both personally and professionally.  She offers the unique combination of social passion for meaningful causes, and a strong business sense on how to move her ideas forward into action.  Any organization that has the opportunity to use Brook as their advocate, would be well on their path to success"

-Tony Erlick, Vice President of Sales

The North Face

"Brook Hopper is one of the most passionate and loyal people I have ever worked with. Brook is one of the rare few who knows how to infuse passion & committment with intelligence & professionalism, while possessing the bandwidth to take on the largest of responsibilities.  In addition to all of this, Brook is friendly, respectful and as a result of her dedication to every project she's ever worked on, she has earned the admiration and respect of her co-workers."

-Scott Lustig, Vice President of Sales


Brook Hopper is a long-time & dedicated professional in the field of Outdoor Participation. Brook's vocation goes beyond her commitment to encourage new and diverse people to get outdoors.  Brook is also an accomplished activist for good in all arenas. With her ability to galvanize teams and the work ethic required for all successful initiatives, Brook Hopper Consulting is destined to be a big success.."

-Ann Krcik, Director, Communications & Outdoor Exploration

The North Face


"integrity is the essence of everything successful"

-r. buckminster fuller

"Brook is a seasoned outdoor industry veteran with a vast network of people in marketing, non-profits, visual merchandising, and sales. Brook has always impressed me with her ability to build strong personal relationships and use them to create innovative communications programs and events. She was instrumental in helping The North Face become the leader in Outdoor Participation. I highly recommend Brook in her new role as an independent consultant."

-Aaron Carpenter, Vice President of Marketing

The North Face

"Brook was a star talent at The North Face and a strong, dependable and skilled team member. She is a dedicated professional, a systems thinker and a passionate communicator. She always delivered high quality work on time and it always exceeded expectations by how thoughtful it was She is a savvy networker and knows how to create win-win scenarios for partners and programs and understands at the core the concept of shared value." Letitia Ferrier Webster, Global Director Corporate Sustainability, VF Corp

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